Unlike a lot of other web development and web design companies, we come from a marketing background. GoodWebsite.net is wholly owned by the Handley Partnership, a company whose advertising and marketing credentials goes back to 1995. We’ve worked with all sizes of business from large corporate companies like United Distillers (Diageo) and London Transport through to medium sized and small firms, crossing all kinds of different business sectors. We’ve put to work what we learned from fast-moving consumer goods and applied it to sectors such as financial and ecommerce.

We run a large team of experienced professionals whose skill set covers everything from graphic design all the way through to the kind of hard code you need to build a successful app. We run our business from a dedicated well-appointed office in Herne Hill.

We have been involved in a huge range of different commercial areas, covering everything from banking and asset management through to launching new lagers, branding new speciality drinks, launching a massive loft style property development, handling fast-moving consumer goods such as butter and flour and crisps for leading brands such as Homepride and KP, and applying those FMCG skills to sectors such as event management, training, clothing retail, helicopter charter, music goods retail, designer goods, art and art galleries, professional photography, property management, legal services, therapy…

Suffice to say whatever business sector you are in, we will have relevant experience which we can bring to bear in your favour.


One of our most popular services is helping people setup their email on a smart phone or tablet. Ask us for help with this, we are happy to sort it for you. And amazingly, many businessmen and women we deal with a terribly embarrassed that they can't do something as supposedly simple as this. Don't be embarrassed, because it's actually quite tricky to do, that's why techie and nerdy people like us do it for you, and why we get paid a small fee.


We help many existing businesses who have been running a shop take the step into the next age of commerce, ecommerce, selling online on the internet. We can help you with the right decisions about how much product to get on to your site, how to assemble the right photography, how to do a whole batch of product photography if you need to, what kind of delivery system to utilise, how to make secure payments on the internet and so on.


How do you get your business on the google map? We can help you with that we've done it for twenty people so far this year and it's only February. How does the Google map influence how people find you with their smartphone or tablet? Ask us we've recently done this for 30 small to medium sized local businesses - ask them what they think of our service! Also, there are some really interesting things you can do with your Google map presence, especially when it comes to getting reviews from people who like your service. Ask us for a few hints and tips.


Online booking and appointment calendars have become something of a speciality for us. We have run them successfully for people running theatre operations, christmas shows, summer events and parties, hair salons and dentists' surgeries. You may well want customers to pay upfront for services too as this makes it more certain they won't waste your time by not turning up. We can set up a fully automised reliable solution for you that's low cost per transaction, no monthly running cost from the payment processor, and organise safe and secure online payment that can take any credit or debit card or Paypal in a highly secure setup that gives you a fully compliant solution.


We seem to have started a trend (without really meaning to of course). Recently quite a few people have asked us for a really simple site. A few we have done in the last twelve months have featured a personal approach too, where it's just a lovely photo of the person in question, a dedicated domain name, simple hosting setup then a few lines of text about them and links to their social media. Works like a charm particularly if you want to get found for your own name (you may have difficulty if it's John Smith). If you are really keen on getting found we can definitely help you with a paid search solution, just chat to us about it and we will make recommendations for you.


We do a lot of business with people starting up a company for the first time. You will probably need a good strong identity for your businesses, one that represents the values you stand for, one that projects an image out into the marketplace that you want to project. You may need letterheads, business cards, signage. We have vast experience with all of that. You may decide you want to do everything entirely digitally. Your branding is equally important there. And of course you will need an internet presence that firmly holds hands with your brand values. Talk to us, we can help you prepare the package that is exactly right for you.


We offer a very full range of services from helping you with your branding, carried all the way through to (even) helping you choose the right name for your business, sourcing and buying a domain name, helping you with letterheads and business cards, setting up your email for you, helping you plan, design and deliver a fully functioning website then helping you develop it the way you want to develop it according to customer demand. We will also help you with business functionality on the web, help with sourcing IT equipment, making choices on the cloud – our help only stops when you want it to.