Secret Networks sell high-end networking equipment to a niche audience of technical IT buyers. Our first responsibility here was to assemble a brief, discuss and agree it, then design a corporate identity that reflected the nature of the business, which could be used in a variety of different environments to provide a recognisable, strong, contemporary presence. An identity on the web is more than just a logo. It needs to carry through in every aspect of the web communication so the end user gets a clear feeling of where they are - and who they are dealing with, providing identity and re-assurance where it is much needed, when purchasing product on the internet.

London Property View is a distinguished company in the specialist “to order” property buying business in London. Their aim is to facilitate and help private individuals in the process of acquiring a property in the capital. Because of the international nature of the audience, which covered expatriates living all over the world, who wished to capitalise upon London’s booming property market: the company’s letterhead and web presence are equally important. The target audience is defined as wealthy, often older, with high standards and high expectations with regard to service and quality. This called for a simple and elegant design, which fulfils those expectations and signals an easy property search.

Bike London is a startup company specialising in commuter bikes and initially focused on the London area. They deal mainly with lightweight bikes, folding bikes and affordable London bikes which can be carried as well as used for normal cycling – that is, as a part of a public transport system. They also are introducing a range of affordable eco friendly electric bikes. We discussed and agreed their branding brief, which was to generate a name, and create branding and namestyle to look like part of an eco conscious healthy movement without being overbearingly “Green” so as not to alienate any potential buyers with politics. And the chief goal for us was to introduce a bike symbol which could mean electric as well as “normal” bikes. The website is currently in planning stage. is an online store bringing together different suppliers of high quality food in one marketplace, with the intention of getting quality food to a wider audience. We sat down with the clients and discussed and wrote the brief – for both name generation and creation, and once the name Superdeli was agreed we would produce a namestyle and branding that could carry through into every aspect of communication about the brand – website, brochure, letterhead, everything. Superdeli needed to look friendly but also large and efficient, it needed to look like it was about food from all over the world, and food that could be delivered. It also needed to be suitable to be used by consumers and restaurant/catering trade alike.

Chikkin Shop are an unusual young brand, designing and printing T shirts for Britain’s gay community. They gave us a brief that the brand was all about being more than just a rainbow – ie being far beyond some of the slightly safe imagery used by other pink brands. They wanted their central imagery to remind users of chicken shop chains which are extremely popular particularly in central London. The branding needed to be simple and strong, and has so far appealed very well to leading fashion brands such as Top Shop and River Island. The Chikkin Shop brand appears on everything from small labels to website header, so was conceived to work and be identifiable and recognisable at a variety of different sizes from very small to very large.

Blow Dry Express is a new company in Britain following an American model, popular in New York, where a largely female audience pops in for a blow dry often on the way to work or on the way to a meeting, or after a workout or gym session. The whole thing is meant to be all done in 20 minutes, at a reasonably low cost. As they say on the website, No colour, no cuts, only blow-drys! The logo reminds those who see it of an hour glass, as time is of the essence. The type used suggests modernity and style. Also the client wanted a graphic motif which could be used recognisably on its own, which is exactly what is happening with the “hour glass” right now.

HLIX is a unique company which needed to express its individuality and its quality with its logo presence. Hlix is essentially an online trading platform which allows its users to buy and sell very large packages of loans. It offers companies and institutions who are holding large portfolios of property and/or mortgage loans an economical, efficient and rapid process to attract the highest prices from the largest number of buyers. It is a unique system designed from the outset with the express purpose of trading. Its logo was conceived by us and we have also helped it to evolve - a new version was needed in 2015 to suggest some of the technological advances made by the company in recent months without departing too far from the original.

Payment terminals are a new company exploiting developing technology to allow online retailers and smartphone users an easier way to process credit card and debit card payments both over the counter while the customer is present, and also on mobile platforms which is one of the currently fast-growing areas. Payment Terminals also do a lot of business with ecommerce and safe online processing or credit and debit card payments. It was important in the logo development for us to create an image that looked reliable, financial and a little conservative, and at the same time, high tech and part of the digital age. The logo also has “child” variations for particular developments in smartphone, over the counter and online platforms.