When we approach website design and development we look at all the issues from the user’s point of view. How will your new website appear on different computers? When it is opened on an ipad or an android nexus 7 for example, will the design adapt itself to deliver an appropriate shape? Will visitors actually be able to read the text and use the navigation?

The same issues are there for the smartphone user – more than half of all website visitors are arriving on a smartphone. Younger people, that’s all they ever use. If your friends run a business, see if you can navigate through the site on an iphone or an android, like a Galaxy. Can you get your fingers round the navigation menu? Can you actually press buttons and make things happen, can you swipe from area to area easily when you need to?

Sounds obvious we know, but try that test for yourself on a few of your friends’ websites – you’d be surprised by how many businesses are let down by a lack of responsiveness.

Will it be easy for a visitor to move from one place to another?

Above all when a new visitor arrives at your site will they immediately know “where they are” and what is it that you do? These are just some of the factors we take into account when designing your site – or helping to develop an old site into something more effective.


Sometimes you want more than just pretty pictures and some text about how great your firm is. You might want your website to actually do things, perform functions, save you time in the office, take orders from customers, remember things your customers have asked for, automatically despatch things to them, give only some of them a download link, allow some of them to login and download…

You’ve got the picture. That kind of thing takes web development skills and we have a great coding team here at GoodWebsite. You may even want to do some more complex coding tasks and we believe that’s where we can really help you. Rather than making a long list, why not tell us what you want to do and we will make a few suggestions about how it could be accomplished, tested, and put into action. Of course, we will give you a tight price estimate first, and stick to it.


There are more issues to consider now than there ever were before for people running e-commerce stores – whether you are just about to step into the world of e-commerce, or seriously reviewing your current e-commerce platform or build. It’s no longer just about what framework to choose – it’s also about how do you establish a point of difference for what your store is offering, so that people “don’t just go to Amazon.”

It could be that you think you want to display a lot of product like shown here on the left (which indeed this site does on inner pages), or, you might want to go for a statement about the mood and tone of your product offer which shows that you are indeed different, whether you are striving for better quality of service or simply trying to create a slightly more upmarket image. If you check the front page of this site, you’ll see just what we mean.

There are hundreds of other issues to consider. What kind of delivery pattern did you have in mind? Once you have weighed up your delivery system, how well is it going to pan out across your product range?

Are your staff ready to deal with live chat modules? What are they anyway? There are lots of questions to ask and discuss the answers to – we can help. Just talk to us, we will probably raise quite a few ideas you might not have thought of.


Without some professional search and internet marketing your lovely looking new website may never actually get seen by the people you want to be found by. Did you know the 40% of all websites which have ever been built in the UK actually get no visitors at all? Make sure you are not one of the people who have to say “we built a lovely website and nobody came”. The whole point of your website is to get found by people looking for what you have. We’ll discuss a programme with you that suits your business to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.


It may sound a bit frightening but SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING is the watchword of the moment especially when you consider half of the UK is on Facebook right now… And make no mistake, social media isn’t just for teenagers. The fastest-growing group on Facebook right now is actually women aged 45 to 55. How can you use Facebook better in your business? Come and talk to us about it.

How are younger people focusing on Instagram and Pinterest to make fashion decisions and how is that influencing other purchasing habits? You need to know.


Love it or hate it, email marketing is a crucially important option in your marketing mix – and it demands a specialist approach. If you try and do it yourself, you can come quite badly unstuck – you don’t want to get on the wrong side of the anti-spam devices which are out there right now, as this can adversely affect your day-to-day business communications. We can help you avoid that kind of problem with our specialised sending tools.

We have experience of using specialist e-mail sending programs which not only get through to the required targets, they also produce the kind of professional looking result which you actually want. We’ll help you write targeted copy too – again ask us for samples.


More and more individuals, organisations and businesses want secure email as part of their normal internet service, we can help. We can setup and organise a cloud based simple low cost system for you, which works on all devices and is at least 50% more secure than normal services. And for those who need a highly secure service, we can custom install an extension for the Thunderbird email client that adds an extra layer of privacy to your communications. Using the OpenPGP standard of encryption, it encrypts and decrypts your messages when they arrive, ensuring no one else can read your secrets. There’s Integrated OpenPGP key management and you can customise which recipients receive certain unlock keys.
We can also offer you a system that looks like a webpage used way back in the early-2000’s, which uses some high technology to ensure your online communications are as secure as possible. As well as using dedicated unlock keys for any email address, messages are sent to other users and then unlocked through their unique address, complete with an electronic signature. It may sound pretty complicated, but in simple terms it means documents and files you share will not be stored on a server anywhere.
If you’re looking for a totally safe and secure way to send messages online then we could just have the perfect service for you. Ditching the whole set-up process entirely, getting started with our Grade A service is easy and your message is sent using an AES-256 bit encryption method. After the email is sent, you just need to deliver your unlock key to the receiver – this may seem a bit roundabout, but it is the best way to ensure your chosen recipients are the only ones to unlock and read your message. They can also be read on your smartphone. When viewed, messages are immediately deleted from the servers – excellent.


Cloud services are an important part of any new business setup right now. They are also a great way of updating what you’ve been doing inefficiently for years. Our advice is, plan it carefully with us before you think about implementation. Right now, there are some things a business should do on the cloud system and some you should reserve for later.

77.3% of enterprises have adopted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, up from 9% since 2014 (figures from Forbes 2016)

As usual the US are slightly ahead of us in the UK, but we are catching up quickly. If your business has been thinking about implementing cloud based software, ask us for some advice we can help you get it right.


We offer four different web hosting solutions to you. None of them are of the cheap and cheerful variety, because in our experience when they go wrong, your business is in trouble and there is no technical support worth having with the “Cheap as chips” model.

So our hosting choices start from £12.50 per month ex VAT, then we offer a range of different security solutions depending on what kind of operations you want to perform online.

We have UK based web hosting solutions for all of our UK based clients as they tend to be quicker and more reliable.

We also have highly secure solutions for businesses who want to do e-commerce as it pays to be safe at both ends of the transaction. If you’re not sure what is meant by that, it really is time we had a chat!


You hear a lot these days about CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS. What are they? Simply a way of allowing you to adjust the content of your website without having to know any specialist coding skills. We give you an interface you can enter using a username and password which looks very much like a Microsoft Word program – you know the kind with which you are very familiar already. We’ll show you how to use it too.


Every site needs good visual imagery. “The eyes are hungrier than the ears.” Achieving a good photographic result takes time, effort and a reasonable budget, especially if you are ambitious and want to shoot on location.

Modern light-weight digital equipment means it is easier for the gifted amateur to get reasonable results, but it’s certainly more reliable using a pro – and the difference in quality really shows. Whether you are doing a simple series of table top packshots, or trying to create a powerful image that really grabs attention in a variety of different contexts.

We’ve got experience of handling all that. Talk to us about how to achieve what you want. If you are on a tight budget, available (existing) images are generally better quality with more choice than they ever have been before– however having your own origination is undoubtedly hard to beat as it can help you achieve a unique look which is all your own.


Because we can all write, many of us think we can write copy. In truth, many clients can write good copy. And many can’t. However, it usually takes teamwork to get it right. We find we get the very best results by “picking the client’s brain” and then tidying up what has been said to get telling, meaningful copy that is short and easy to read.

It takes discussion, time and skill. You are probably sitting on lots of good information that we can turn into good copy.